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Welcome to the 8th Portsmouth Colorectal Congress

Wednesday, 19th June 2024 - Saturday, 22nd June 2024

Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the Portsmouth Colorectal Team, it is my pleasure to invite you to attend the 8th Portsmouth Colorectal Congress

We are excited to continue our mission in connecting the key experts to meet and discuss the role of robotic and minimally invasive approaches in colorectal surgery. The principles, applications, and controversies of TME, CME, and beyond will be discussed through state-of-the-art lectures from world-renowned experts and live operating from Portsmouth Theatres. Robotic and laparoscopic cases will be shown with guest participation in live commenting. The congress will be followed by hands-on courses on robotic, laparoscopic, and advanced proctology.

We look forward to meeting you in Portsmouth.
Where Robotic Surgeons Meet!

Yours faithfully,

Prof Jim Khan
Convenor PCC2024


19th – 22nd June, 2024

(Scientific program from Wednesday to Friday, courses on Saturday)


Action Stations

19 College Rd, HM Naval Base, Portsmouth, PO1 3LJ, UK

Guest faculty

Michel Adamina (CHE)

Shakil Ahmed (GBR)

Oroog Ali (GBR)

Oktar Asoglu (TUR)

Richard Beable (GBR)

Paolo Pietro Bianchi (ITA)

Peter Brennan (GBR)

Walter Brunner (CHE)

Kenneth Campbell (GBR)

Peter Coyne (GBR)

Justin Davies (GBR)

Nicola de’Angelis (FRA)

Quentin Denost (FRA)

Francesco di Fabio (GBR)

Ellen van Eetvelde (BEL)

Eloy Espin Basany (ESP)

Afsana Elanko (GBR)

Charlotte El-Sayed (GBR)

Charlie Evans (GBR)

Nader Francis (GBR)

Laura Hancock (GBR)

Deena Harji (GBR)

Bill Heald (GBR)

Peter Hertz (DEN)

Werner Hohenberger (DEU)

Vicky Maertens (BEL)

Andrew Miles (GBR)

Marco Milone (ITA)

Danilo Miskovic (GBR)

Tim Mitchell (GBR)

Susan Moug (GBR)

Mahir Ozmen (TUR)

Jennifer Park (SWE)

Phil Quirke (GBR)

Gabrielle van Ramshorst (BEL)

Tero Rautio (FIN)

Colin Richards (GBR)

Frederic Ris (CHE)

Philippe Rouanet (FRA)

Lars Thomas Seeberg (NOR)

Irshad Shaikh (GBR)

Adnan Sheikh (GBR)

Giuseppe Sica (ITA)

Anke Smits (NED)

Antonino Spinelli (ITA)

Patricia Tejedor (ESP)

Prem Thambi (GBR)

Gillian Tierney (GBR)

Jared Torkington (GBR)

Pietro Valdastri (GBR)

Subash Vasudevan (GBR)

Ioannis Virlos (GBR)

Christoph Wullstein (DEU)

Nuha Yassin (GBR)

Marek Zawadzki (POL)

Khadija Zouari (TUN)

Society Scientific Support

Meet our Organising Committee

Prof Jim Khan

Portsmouth Hospitals University NHS Trust

Mr Syed Naqvi

CG Hospital Highland Scotland

Mr Najaf Siddiqi

University Hospitals Dorset Foundation Trust

Dr Guglielmo Niccolo Piozzi

Portsmouth Hospitals University NHS Trust

Dr Rauand Duhoky

Portsmouth Hospitals University NHS Trust

Mr Ioannis Mykoniatis

Portsmouth Hospitals University NHS Trust

Dr Andrew Yiu

Portsmouth Hospitals University NHS Trust

Miss Ania Przedlacka

Portsmouth Hospitals University NHS Trust

Journal Scientific Support

Best 3 poster abstracts will win free full article publication in Annals of Coloproctology (Impact Factor 3.1) after standard peer review process