Mr. Anthony Thaventhiran

King’s College Hospital, London, UK
March 2024
“I spent a wonderful time at Portsmouth, first-hand seeing the benefit of the robot in complex colorectal resections.  The enhanced dexterity and vision to achieve a far more radical oncological resection than otherwise might be contemplated with a laparoscopic approach. Whilst still keeping morbidity very low.  Observing emergency colorectal operations utilising the robot showed what benefits can be achieved utilising such an approach can bring to the patient in terms of post-operative pain and length of stay in the hospital.  Finally, the research being undertaken to utilise the robot in a dedicated day case unit to examine the potential benefits it may provide.  I hope this will act as a springboard to further my career in robotic colorectal surgery in the future.”

Dr. Khalid Khairi Hussein

Tikrit University College of Medicine, Tikrit, Iraq
February 2024
“I recently completed a one-month fellowship in the colorectal department at Queen Alexandra Hospital, and I wanted to provide very positive feedback about my experience. The entire team, from the department head to the nurses and support staff, was incredibly welcoming and made me feel like a valued member of the department. They thoroughly oriented me to the department’s procedures and protocols, and ensured I had ample opportunities to observe a various colorectal surgeries and treatments. The clinicians demonstrated an exceptional level of expertise and professionalism. I was able to learn a tremendous amount by observing their skilled techniques and thoughtful decision-making. They were also very generous with their time, answering all of my questions and providing detailed explanations. Beyond the clinical training, the department fostered a collaborative and supportive environment. The regular educational sessions and case discussions allowed me to deeply engage with the subject matter. I also appreciated the department’s focus on compassionate, patient-centered care. Overall, my time at Queen Alexandra Hospital was an incredibly valuable and enriching experience that has significantly enhanced my understanding of colorectal medicine. I am grateful for the opportunity and would highly recommend the department to any fellow seeking top-notch clinical training.”

Dr. Balazs Banky PhD

Semmelweis University, Department of Surgery, Transplantation and Gastroenterology, Budapest, Hungary
February 2024
“It was a great time that I had the opportunity to spend in Portsmouth as a Trialect Fellow. Prof Khan and his Team welcomed me for a month with the best hospitality and friendship. I was happy to observe a good number and a variety of robotic-assisted colorectal cases. I had an insight in the workflow of a well designed colorectal team, picked up several good practices and had a chance to build valuable network with the local team members and other fellows from all over the world. In a nutshell: the one-month-fellowship was a great experience in my surgical career.”

Dr. Moises C. Unida III

Amang Rodriguez Memorial Medical Center, Marikina, Philippines
January – February 2024

“Had a very fruitful experience at Portsmouth. It was nice to be involved in the care of Colorectal patients using State-of-the-art facilities and Equipment. Consultants and Fellows are very helpful and Informative especially Prof. Jim Khan. This experience not only increased my knowledge on Colorectal Robotic Surgery but also about the National Health System and the Hospital’s unique way of dealing with their patients. I am really grateful for this privilege of being part of the Portsmouth Colorectal team and hopefully, sharing my experience would help make robotic surgery more feasible and accessible in the Philippines in the near future.”

Dr. Sentilnathan Subramaniam

Hospital Selayang, Lebuhraya Selayang, Selangor, Malaysia
November – December 2023
“My fellowship in Portsmouth Hospital University NHS Trust under the mentorship of Prof Jim Khan and his team was an extraordinary experience. I consider it a milestone in my surgical career. Despite just spending 5 weeks there, it was a wholesome experience with ample exposure to various robotic surgery procedures and advanced laparoscopic procedures. The entire team was very inclusive and discussed the imaging and management approach of the cases with me. I had the opportunity to attend clinics, ward rounds and MDTs discussing various complex pathologies. Overall it was a great experience doing this fellowship with an amazing team. There was adequate time for us to be trained on simulators, the Royal College of Surgeons of England endorsed robotic surgical skills course (ROBO-CERT) and learn the tips and tricks during live surgery from Prof Khan himself. The humble and knowledgeable clinical and research fellows in the team deserve a special mention for making me feel at home. I will definitely recommend this traineeship as a preliminary exposure to all colorectal fellows aiming to do robotic surgery.”

Dr. Georgios Tzikos

AHEPA University Hospital of Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki, Greece
September – November 2023
“I had a great time during my visit at Queen Alexandra Hospital of Portsmouth and learned a lot next to the experts. The host mentor, Prof Jim Khan, is an expert on robotic colorectal surgery and a passionate teacher who took all possible steps to teach me in a holistic and fruitful way. In addition, all the members of the colorectal department were very helpful and provided many facilities that made me very very comfortable. To sum up, I feel blessed to get a wonderful experience like this and I do recommend all future fellows to attend this program.”

Dr. Romulo R. Cabantac III

St. Luke’s Medical Center, Manila, Philippines
March – April 2023
“Although my training in Queen Alexandra Hospital in Portsmouth was short, I have gained a lot of knowledge which are helpful in my career as a colorectal surgeon. Likewise, I have gained new connections and new friends along the way. Being trained under Prof Jim Khan is likewise a privilege that I will forever remember and be grateful for.”

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